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More Than Clean offers cleaning services for both homes and businesses.


A good housekeeper is essential to every home.  Our housekeeping services always leave homes looking clean and our customers satisfied. Housekeeping services and prices can be given when you contact us through the link below.


More Than Clean offers the best janitorial services for your business leaving offices clean and maintaining a tidy work environment. We use the most up to date cleaning tools and chemicals when cleaning your business.  Janitorial services and prices can be given when you contact us through the link below.

Estimates and pricing for such services can be given over the phone or email.  To make an appointment for a consultation or price estimate  please contact us.



Making a home or business clean and presentable is important for when you are moving out or trying to sell a property.  More Than Clean is trained in cleaning every home or business thoroughly and professionally making each place looking new.  More Than Clean uses the best cleaning products and chemicals as well as a professionally well trained staff to take on such projects.


Along with Make Ready services, we offer additional work that includes various installations that might be needed in a home or business.  Such installations vary from toilet installments, dishwasher installments, bath facts, sink faucets and much more.

Estimates for make ready and additional services can be given after contacting More Than Clean.To make an appointment for a consultation  please contact us.

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